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TAHITI KETCH for sale at www.ClassicYachtForSale.comThis boat is offered for ONLY  25,000.00 EURO NOW as it is a work in progress. Build 1990 Launched 1995.
We are doing restoration and upgrade work. When finished the boat will be on the market for at least US $55,000.00

The "Tahiti Ketch" is a boat like a TANK.
She will take you anywhere over any ocean and no matter how rough the weather can be, you could hardly be in a better boat to handle it.
Several of this boats have been around the world, single handled or with families.
This is probably the BEST 30 ft wooden classic boat on the market right now.
e-mail or call for vieuwing in St.Martin Caribbean RIGHT NOW.
( PLEASE NOTE: Those pictures have been taken when we took over the boat from the previous owner.
This is a KETCH but at the moment the two masts are strapped together due to repositioning of the boat with some rigging not in place. We will make better pictures in the next days when the boat has been cleaned and everything sorted out.)
Tahiti Ketch for sale at

Tahiti Ketch for sale

Tahiti Ketch for sale

Tahiti Ketch for sale

Tahiti Ketch for sale

LOD: 33′
LOA: 40′
LWL: 29′ 6″
Beam: 11′
Draft: 4′ 5″
Main cabin headroom: 6′ 6″
Displacement: Approx. 10 tons (5,000 lbs exterior lead ballast)Sail area:  Approx. 600 sq. ft.
Designer:  John Hanna

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